Why Travertine Pavers are the Perfect Pavers in Melbourne and Geelong for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Choosing a natural stone paver to install around your home can often seem near to impossible. With all the durable, affordable and luxurious options on the market, it can be difficult to settle on a material that will work well in your home without knowing the benefits or downfalls of each.  With durability, upkeep, price and of course good taste to consider it is important to choose a paver that will match your lifestyle and environmental needs.

There is a reason travertine pavers continuously win popularity tests over time and remain at the forefront for the choice of natural stone pavers. The more affordable sister of marble, this unique and durable natural stone will do wonders for your home both indoor and out.

Travertine pavers withstand challenging environments with ease if treated with the correct sealant. A highly durable natural stone, travertine pavers are survivors and are not affected by dramatic temperate changes and can last the test of time whether they line your hallway or border your pool.

Despite the porous nature of this natural stone, travertine pavers are rarely affected by humid environments as they can easily be treated to be water resistant. Due to the durability of travertine pavers, there is little limit on where they can and can not be used around the house.

The crisp, neutral tones of travertine pavers inspire a sleek and modern look in the rooms they are installed. Minimalist by design, travertine pavers allows you to play with textures and contrasting paver colours from wall to floor as each paver has their own unique, natural markings.

Using travertine pavers allows your design choices to be limitless. Combine different textures and colours to create hybrid interior design looks that will remain timeless both in style and durability.

To add a new dimension to your bathroom tiles, use a two-toned grey with neutral travertine pavers like our Silver Travertine Vein Cut Filled & Honed Paver on the floors and wall to hone into a dark modern bathroom look while still maintaining a slightly rustic, light and airy feel.

For the outdoor area surrounding your pool use a paver that combines grey and cream to create a silver-toned premium look like our Silver Premium Travertine Unfilled & Tumbled Paver. Juxtaposed with the pool, this luxurious paver will make the blue of your pool pop and turn your yard into a million dollar oasis.

Soft on the feet, travertine pavers feel nice to step on and retain cool temperatures even in the peak of summer. So not only will you enjoy walking barefoot from inside to outside after installing travertine pavers, but you will also save on cooling costs.

As repeatedly mentioned, travertine pavers stand the test of time. However, this isn’t just because they don’t crack. Travertine pavers can look as good as new with nothing but warm water, damp cloth and sometimes a touch of soap, which means your home can look brand new without a hint of any chemicals.

Durable, affordable and stylish travertine pavers are the perfect choice for all Melbourne and Geelong homes. To browse our large selection of pavers in Melbourne and Geelong, drop past our Hoppers Crossing Showroom or simply select your three free sample tiles from our pop up menu. For expert advice on natural stone pavers, contact us today.


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