Melbourne’s Preferred Suppliers of Granite Stones

Looking for granite suppliers who can ensure you get the right tilling materials for your home or commercial project?  With over 35 years of experience, RMS Traders Natural Stone Tiles are the company for you. We have a lovely range of granite stones for you to choose from.

Granite is the hardest natural stone after diamonds, making a great choice if you’re looking for durable, hard surfaces. We source nothing but the highest quality granite pavers and have them in a variety of colours and styles. We are more than happy to help our customers find one that fits with the style and aesthetic of their Melbourne home.

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Quality Granite Pavers for Your Melbourne Home Makeover 

Granite stones are a great investment for all contemporary home renovations. As it is a natural stone, one of the key factors in using granite is that it is sustainable and earth friendly. These pavers and stones are also great as they can have multiple different types of finishes, making it more resistant. Plus, granite comes in different forms and colours, making it easy to match one to every aesthetic.

Architect, designers and homeowners can find the perfect granite piece that will suit interiors like bathrooms or kitchens and exteriors like barbecue areas or poolside refurbishment. RMS Traders is proud to be a supplier of this versatile stone. 

Why We Are The Leading Granite Suppliers

Given the benefits of granite, it is one of the most versatile natural stones used in new home builds and construction. From beautiful patterned granite countertops in modern kitchens, to unique bathroom sinks with an organic atmosphere, there are plenty other usages for this durable stone beyond the usual.

While most people choose black as their preferred granite paver for flooring purposes, other shades of granite have been growing in popularity over the years. From various shades of greys, to lightly and heavily patterned granite, when you choose a natural stone like granite, you can be sure that each piece is one of a kind and will be unique to your home. Plus, you will never have to worry about granite going out of style!

As one of the leading suppliers of natural stone materials, we can help you create your dream home using granite. Whether you are looking to furnish your kitchen with a new countertop, renovate your old fireplace or need new quality pavers for your outdoor living area, we can help you secure stock for the granite colour and pattern of your choice.

Get in Touch for Premium Quality Granite Pavers & Stones 

Natural Stone Tiles are your go-to supplier for granite pavers and all your tiling solutions in Melbourne.  We are also suppliers of a wide selection of limestone tiles, bluestone pavers, crazy paving and more.

Feel free to drop by either of our showrooms in Melbourne or Geelong to help find inspiration for your projects. If you have any queries, you can contact our team on 03 9748 7788.

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