Crazy Stone Paving for Homes in Melbourne & Beyond

The term “crazy paving” refers to the ‘crazed’ appearance of the finished surface consisting of paving stones of irregular size and shape. RMS Traders Crazy paving is designed and made from organic stone pieces and NOT broken tiles. These are laid in a haphazard manner with mortar or grout filling the gaps between. Looking to spice up your exteriors with our crazy paving? Call RMS Traders Natural Stone Tiles today!

For customized Crazy Paving please contact us. We can happily source & import any Crazy Paving on request. 

Crazy Stone Paving for Homes in Melbourne & Beyond

Choose the Tiling Experts for Your Crazy Stones Our crazy paving is sourced from all over the world and is achieved using top quality organic pieces, not offcuts or breakages. Laying this type of paving around your pool looks super and because of its random pattern of small and large size stones makes for a safer surface.

Some of the benefits of laying crazy paving is that it is incredibly low-maintenance. There will be no need for an annual professional stone cleaning service; simply hose it down yourself, scrub lightly with soapy water to remove dirt and save on maintenance costs.

For individuals looking for a unique paving look, crazy paving allows for customisation of size and material combination used. You will be able to create a pavement that does not exist anywhere else in Melbourne while creating the ideal pavement you have always wanted.

If you are looking for an outdoor pavement that will last you decades, crazy paving will last the test of time. It will be able to handle the unpredictable temperature changes in Melbourne and does not crack easily; perfect for any home.

H2 How To Incorporate Crazy Paving To Your Melbourne Home

More traditionally crazy paving stones are used for pathways where they can be laid on existing cement paths breaking up that boring look of traditional concrete paths. Patios can also look very attractive laid with crazy paving stones as well as any steps leading to them. We’ve seen customers in Melbourne and across Australia opt for this design choice.

If you are considering laying a natural stone patio and are looking for bluestone, sandstone, limestone, granite or even slate you will find it here.

We match crazy paving to coping tiles to ensure your patio, pools, driveways and pathways are stylish and expertly designed.

Have a look at our new range of crazy paving images above from which you will find an ideal decorative stone solution for all path, pool, wall and floor applications.

Click “Garden Stepping Stones” to view our great range. Also read our article about “Crazy Pavers for Paths“.

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