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Silver Unfilled & Tumbled Travertine

$79.00 - $109.00

A beautiful cost effective variant of our Silver Travertine that offers great tones for modern decor. The stone consists of a mixture of grey and white waves with some beige accents.

Difference between Premium Silver Travertine & Standard Grade: Over 30 years experience of importing Travertine

When choosing Travertine it is important to know what grade and quality you are buying. Our Silver Travertine is graded and sorted to remove large holes and excessive colour variants. Our Silver Travertine provides builders & landscapers a top-quality stone at a fantastic price. We pride ourselves on our travertine as we have been importing this material since 1989. We are very particular about our travertine quality.

Price per unit:

$79.00 - $109.00

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We ship all over Australia.
Avaliable for orders up to $2000.

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