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Natural split

Slip Rating

P1 - Very high
P2 - High
P3 - Moderate
P4 - Low
P5 - Very low

Slip Rating

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Intended Use

Pathways Outdoor Flooring


Slip resistant

Low heat absorption


High density

Stepping Stone Specification

Sandstone Specification

Stone Cleaning Specs

Installation Guide

400 x 400 x 15mm

600 x 300 x 15mm

600 x 600 x 15mm

600 x 300 x 30mm

Crazy Paving 20-40mm

600 x 300 x 30mm Pool Coping

600 x 400 x 30mm Pool Coping

Approx 700 x 500 x 30-40mm Stepping Stones

Product Description

The Desert Sand displays a beautiful range of creamy warm sand tones, evoking a sense of warmth and tranquility. Its soft and soothing hues blend seamlessly with natural surroundings, making it an excellent choice for creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in outdoor spaces.

What sets this sandstone apart is its strong grip, making it particularly suitable for pathways. The textured surface of the sandstone provides excellent traction, ensuring a secure footing even in wet or slippery conditions. This feature makes it ideal for creating safe and functional walkways in gardens, landscapes, and other outdoor areas.

Sandstone is a type of natural stone that is formed from sand-sized grains of minerals, rock fragments, and organic materials. It is composed primarily of quartz or feldspar, along with other minerals such as mica, calcite, or clay. Sandstone is renowned for its unique texture and warm earthy tones, making it a popular choice for various applications.

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Desert Sand Stepping Stones

Desert Sand Stepping Stones

Natural split
Natural split

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