254 is the ultimate one-step, polymer fortified, thin-set adhesive for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile, reduced thickness porcelain, stone, quarry tile, pavers and brick. 254 adhesive, designed to just mix with water, has a long open time with unsurpassed adhesion and workability. May be mixed with PERMACOLOR® Select pigment packs for a coloured adhesive.

Approximate Coverage
(Based on product wet densities with a trowel at 45°)
§ 7 – 8 m2
with a 6 mm x 6 mm square notched trowel
§ 4.5 – 5.5 m2
with a 10 mm x 10 mm square notched trowel
Coverage will depend on how the trowel is used and surface regularity

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Intended Use

Pathways Outdoor Flooring Facade Indoor Flooring Wall Cladding Alfresco Area
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Laticrete 254 Stone Adhesive

Laticrete 254 Stone Adhesive


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