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Matera glass pool mosaic 40×40 italian made

$145.00 m2

Experience these semi-transparent mosaic colors, produced by pouring molten glass through two molds and carefully shaping them as they cool. This can be installed on horizontal or vertical surfaces, interior or exterior. It is suitable for wet areas, such as showers, swimming pools and building facades. The size of the tesseraeand the frequency of the joint (~ 1 mm | 2/48”) means that the surface has inherent slip resistance. Although the mosaic is waterproof, this does not preclude waterproofing the foundation for swimming pools and similar applications.

Material: Glass

Texture:  Opaque

Thickness: ~ 4 mm | 5/32″

Joint: ~ 1 mm | 2/48

Price per unit:

$145.00 m2

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We ship all over Australia.
Avaliable for orders up to $2000.

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