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Slip Rating

P1 - Very high
P2 - High
P3 - Moderate
P4 - Low
P5 - Very low

Slip Rating

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Intended Use

Pathways Outdoor Flooring Pool Coping Stair Treads Alfresco Area


Slip resistant

Low heat absorption


Low maintenance

Project sizes available

Pool coping available

High density

Granite Specification

Stone Cleaning Specs

Installation Guide

600 x 300 x 15mm

800 x 400 x 15mm

600 x 400 x 50/20mm Pool Coping

800 x 400 x 50/20mm Pool Coping

Light Grey

Product Description

Introducing the “Portsea Blue”: a beautiful natural stone that combines a blue-grey base colour with light veining, black speckles, and a strong grip that combines a soothing color palette with delicate patterns and a reliable texture. Its versatile and aesthetically pleasing attributes make it suitable for various design styles, while its strong grip ensures practicality and safety.

Revered for its remarkable attributes, Granite stands as an extraordinary igneous rock celebrated for its unyielding durability, formidable strength, and timeless aesthetic allure. Born through the gradual metamorphosis of molten magma within the Earth’s depths, Granite emerges as a testament to the awe-inspiring forces of nature.

Composed predominantly of quartz, feldspar, and mica, interlaced with the subtle tracings of other minerals, Granite boasts a captivating granular texture, where each mineral crystal weaves together in perfect harmony. This artful fusion creates the signature speckled appearance that adorns the rock’s surface, leaving an indelible mark of nature’s grand craftsmanship.

Embracing an astonishing array of colours, Granite showcases an enchanting palette, ranging from whites and greys to pinks, and browns. Every Granite slab emerges as a singular masterpiece, presenting an exclusive pattern and captivating combination of hues that elevate any interior or exterior space to an unparalleled realm of natural splendor.

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Portsea Blue Flamed

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