Premium Bluestone Sealer is a specially formulated natural penetrating sealer developed for Bluestone and other natural stone and masonry surfaces. This penetrating sealer is formulated to keep the stone’s natural color and will not change the surface texture but may darken slightly.

  • Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – A minimum requirement of safety glasses, gloves, boots & respirator. Damage to clothing may occur
  • Do not seal under 10°C or over 30°C
  • Apply 2 coats to a clean dry surface with a lambswool applicator or sprayer
  • Coverage approximately 10m2 per Litre per coat. The number of coats and coverage depends on the porosity of the surface
  • Always test first

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Indoor Flooring Driveways Alfresco Area Bathroom Kitchen Outdoor Shower Water Feature Fireplace Pool Pathways Outdoor Flooring Facade Pool Coping Stair Treads

Environex Premium Sealer

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Environex Premium Bluestone Sealer

Environex Premium Bluestone Sealer


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