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Pathways Outdoor Flooring Splashback Facade Indoor Flooring Driveways Alfresco Area Bathroom Kitchen



Slip resistant

Low heat absorption


Driveway safe

Low maintenance

Project sizes available

Pool coping available

Crazy Paving Specification

Limestone Specification

Stone Cleaning Specs

Flowpoint Installation

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610 x 305 x 12.5mm

610 x 610 x 15mm

800 x 400 x 15mm

Crazy Paving 15mm

610 x 406 x 50/30mm Pool Coping

812 x 406 x 50/30mm Pool Coping

Light Grey

Product Description

Indoors, the Tundra Grey Limestone can be used for flooring, wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, or even as kitchen benchtop. Its light grey colour with distinct darker veining adds a touch of sophistication and character to interior spaces, becoming a vocal point that enhances the overall design. Outdoors, the Tundra Grey Limestone becomes a stunning feature in your landscape. Whether used around a pool, patio flooring, or exterior facades, it adds a sense of refinement and visual intrigue to outdoor living areas. Its durability and resistance to weathering ensure long-lasting beauty in various outdoor environments.

Limestone, an exquisite sedimentary stone, is primarily found in the serene waters of shallow areas in sub-tropical regions of Earth. It possesses a captivating charm expressed through its density, colour variations, and intriguing fossil exposure.

The creation of limestone unfolds in two remarkable ways:

1. Flourishing marine organisms, such as oysters, mussels, clams, and coral, utilize calcium carbonate to construct their remarkable shells and skeletal structures. Upon their demise, these remains amass on the ocean floor, subject to the compaction forces of crashing waves. Through the interplay of sediments and pressure, limestone is born, a testament to nature’s artistry.

2. Nature’s alchemy unfolds as water imbued with calcium carbonate particles gracefully evaporates, leaving behind sedimentary deposits akin to wondrous stalactites and stalagmites. When these ethereal formations emerge along coastal regions, the symphony of water pressure and time collaborates to metamorphose them into the timeless beauty of limestone.

In its natural splendor, limestone’s hues emanate a sense of tranquility, often gracing the world with soft shades of white, tan, or grey. Yet, as it embraces various impurities, it surprises us with subtle nuances. The iron oxide may grant it a warm embrace of brown, yellow, or red, while the caress of carbon could instill an enigmatic allure in blue, black, or grey tones.

Truly, limestone embodies the enduring poetry of Earth’s history, preserving the stories of ancient life in every delicate grain and captivating swirl.

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Tundra Grey Crazy Paving

Tundra Grey Crazy Paving

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