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Slip Rating

Slip Rating

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Intended Use

Pool Facade Bathroom Outdoor Shower Water Feature Pool Mosaics



Slip resistant

Low heat absorption


Low maintenance

Can be submerged

Stain resistant

Chemical resistant

High density

Onix Pool Mosaics Specification

Stone Cleaning Specs

Installation Guide

25 x 25mm (sheet size 310 x 310mm)

Light Grey

Product Description

Onix’s eco-friendly pool mosaic is crafted using 98% recycled glass materials, making it an environmentally conscious choice for pool installations. By utilizing recycled glass, it reduces the demand for new raw materials and helps minimize waste, making a positive impact on the environment and a visually appealing option for pool designs. With its recycled glass composition, captivating colors, and durability, it enhances the aesthetics of the pool while minimizing environmental impact. The smooth surface, resistance to chemicals, water exposure, and easy maintenance further contribute to its practical benefits. Choose Onix’s eco-friendly pool mosaic to create a beautiful and sustainable swimming pool experience.

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Vanguard Moana Matt

Vanguard Moana Matt

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