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If you need top-quality sandstone pavers, Melbourne locals can rely on RMS Traders! Sandstone tiles and pavers are so light and vibrant, and the floor tiles look great as a surround to pools and on outdoor patios – we supply the best in the market!

Sandstone forms when sand is buried under successive layers of sediment. During burial, the sand is compacted, and a binding agent such as quartz, calcite, or iron oxide is precipitated from groundwater which moves through passageways between grains to create this natural stone. Sandstone has a subtle colour variation combined with an extremely fine grain composition, making it the ideal exterior or interior stone for any situation.



If you want a decor that is different and able to choose a wide range of colours, you should really have a good look at our range below. You will be able to find real and affordable tiles or pavers for your own home. Even the most basic sandstone has a stunning mix of surface tones and textures. Sandstone is a living stone that sets its own standards, one you can live with whether indoors or outdoors. Melbourne locals love our range and we’re sure you will too!

For salt chlorinated pools Sandstone is great and Natural Stone Tiles have the right tiles or pavers for you, that will enhance your home with their beauty. There is nothing better than natural stone tiles to beautify your home. If you need complementary coping tiles you can find them by visiting our “Sandstone Coping Tiles” page. Naturally, cleft sandstone is cut by hand, typically used by customers who want a natural look.

So if you need the best pavers RMS Traders have to offer, you can call us today on (03) 9748 7788! or alternatively Come in to see our amazing range of Pavers and tiles and choose your perfect match in person today!


Look at these beautiful pavers especially the different colours and surfaces. Natural sandstone pavers and tiles come in a range of colours and finishes and what is called “banding”. These finishes are brushed, honed finishing, natural and sandblasted. Sandstone pavers or tiles give you a unique and exciting look, a style that can be chosen for any aspect of your home and will endure for many years even centuries. You can use them on bathroom walls where the recommended thickness is 12mm. When used outdoors as a paver, 30mm is recommended. If laid on a concrete base then the thinner tile can be used. This stone is fairly porous but intensely non-slip, with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Moh’s scale. Diamonds, of course, are the hardest at 10 on the Moh’s scale. The most popular use of sandstone pavers and tiles is in outdoor areas, paths, pool surrounds and coping tiles providing a natural and beautiful look that will delight you for decades.

 Cleaning the stone occasionally is important if you want to keep your pavers or tiles in good shape.