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Slate tiles have have become a popular material for slate flooring tiles in the home, they are fireproof and an excellent electrical insulator. They are used for stairs and pathways floors and any area imaginable. Slate is hard and durable and not only are they non-slip but due to its unique characteristics are very smooth and hence prevent slipping and tripping.



Slate Flooring can look quite dramatic especially when treated with a sealer. When a sealer is applied it really highlights the structure of the slate. Click on any of the tiles below and see some exciting uses that can be made.

Slate tiles are very easy to install because of their very consistent gauging. Slate is low maintenance when properly sealed. This also simplifies the process of cleaning, they only require some mild cleansers to maintain their sparkle.

These tiles are available in a wide range of colours even green slate tile flooring. A slight mix and match of colours with some imagination result in architectural marvels with timeless beauty. Another advantage of slate tiles is that unlike other stone products they actually look better with age. Slate tiled floors are also easy to maintain as they don’t retain moisture and is the perfect fit for underfloor heating. It is also very practical for families who have pets because patches like mud traces from dogs and cats can be easily cleaned.

Read about how slate tiles can make your home beautiful by reading all about  “The Beauty of Slate Tiles

Check below our range of slate tiles we are sure you will find one that will fit your needs that will enhance your home.


Multi Coloured

Rose Beige Slate


Multi Coloured

Kashmir Slate

$52.00 - $65.00

Even though slate is one of the most economical stones you may want to investigate further its properties. You can do this by visiting wiki/slate where you will find heaps of information about this remarkable stone.

Why not experiment as our tiles come in various sizes. Why not try and mix them and create your own pattern. Contact our responsive salespeople and get some advice on what you can do.  There is one thing for sure, you will find that our slate tiles will add that extra touch to any floor.
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