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RMS Traders are Proud to supply Stone Cleaners from Environex International

RMS Traders stock stone tile cleaners supplied by Environex International an Australian company a leader in its market. Below you will find a list of quality stone tile cleaners specially formulated for different types of stone. Please read the description of the stone tile cleaners that you are looking for that applies to the stone type you wish to work on. Incorrect use of certain sealers especially cleaners can cause permanent damage. This also applies to stone cleaners.


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Stone Cleaners

Lambswool Applicator Set


Stone Cleaners

Refresh Stone Cleaner

$34.00 - $55.00

Stone Cleaners

Maestro Stone Cleaner


Stone Cleaners

HD Stone Cleaner

$26.00 - $59.00

Stone Cleaners

Ban Rust Cleaner

$25.00 - $45.00

Stone Cleaners

Anti Eff Stone Cleaner

$29.00 - $89.00



ANTI‑EFF is a blend of acids designed to remove unsightly efflorescence salts and grout smear from pavers, terracotta and sandstone.

Always wet the surface before application and dilute product with 15-25 parts water as per tech data, then neutralise with REFRESH and rinse. Mix away from the surface to be treated. A fizzing reaction is normal. It is important to do a small area, get the product on and then scrub and rinse quickly. Always treat the whole area in a uniform manner and never use the product without diluting it. Never allow ANTI‑EFF to dry on the surface. Thorough rinsing is vital. (The floor must be rinsed with REFRESH to take off any residue and leftover dirt. Not to be used on polished surfaces such as porcelain.) Suitable for most surfaces.

Always use gloves, safety glasses and full-length clothing.

Coverage: One Litre should clean approx. 10 square metres.


BAN RUST is a remarkable blend of acidic cleaning agents which easily and rapidly converts those brownish coloured bore water stains allowing complete removal from all masonry and other building surfaces. BAN RUST also finds application in the marine industry for the removal of rust stains from fibreglass and other surfaces and water line staining caused by bacterial action.

Application: BAN RUST is supplied in a ready to use form and incorporates a unique wetting agent to ensure total penetration into the stain to be removed. Use undiluted or 1-10 parts water (always test first). BAN RUST may be spray, brush or roller applied over a contaminated surface. Allow 5-10 minutes duration or until the stain has disappeared before flooding the treated surface with water to remove any excess BAN RUST. For very heavily stained surfaces a second application of BAN RUST may be necessary.


CYCLONE is a specialty solvent system specifically designed for dilution and/or removal of ENDURE.

For sealer stripping flood 2 metres of surface to be stripped with CYCLONE and allow solvents to react with ENDURE for approximately five minutes. Saturate a rag in CYCLONE and wipe the sealer from the surface using a mopping action. Continue mopping process until sealer is removed from the floor. Try not to “wipe” or “mop” dissolved sealer into grout lines.

The usage rate will be approximately 4 sq metres/litre. For the removal of heavy buildups of ENDURE, more will be required.


HD CLEANER is a highly alkaline caustic cleaner designed for the cleaning of surfaces prior to sealing either for the first time or for later resealing. The strength of HD CLEANER makes it ideal to remove dirt deposits in kitchens or living areas that may have built up over time.

Best results will be obtained with a dilution in 20 parts hot water. Flood the affected area and allow it to stand for 2-3 minutes. Scrub vigorously until the solution on the floor is dirty and then mop off or remove with a wet vac. (The floor must be rinsed with REFRESH to take off any residue and leftover dirt. Not to be used on polished surfaces.)

Always use gloves, safety glasses and full-length clothing.


MAESTRO is a strongly chlorinated cleaner designed to remove organic stains such as moss and mould, leaf tannins and timber stains. It is best applied neat or diluted 1-5 parts water onto the affected area. Move the product around until the stains fade away – use a broom or a scrub brush and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Do not get MAESTRO on clothing. Always use gloves, safety glasses and full-length clothing.

Coverage: One Litre should clean approx. 5 square metres.


S21 MULTI-PURPOSE STONE TILE CLEANERs are a remarkable hard surface cleaning concentrate that has outstanding grease-cutting action through the incorporation of a broad range of sequestrants, surfactants and alkaline cleaning components. These components are further boosted with a specialty solvent component to synergistically dissolve and emulsify almost any grease or grime which can be
encountered. The alkalinity of S21 MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER has been achieved without using caustic based products.

Tyre Marks – Apply neat, allow to dwell on the stain for about 60 seconds, scrub with a stiff brush and rinse off with copious amounts of water. If the mark remains, repeat the process.


REFRESH (daily or weekly cleaner) is a pH neutral detergent designed for routine cleaning of all sealed surfaces. The product will gently clean and condition floors ensuring long sealer life. Dilute at 1:50 in warm water and mop on and then off the surface to be treated. Rinse with clean water to finish.

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