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Our natural stone pavers and tiles start as blocks of stone extracted from quarries around the world. These blocks of stone are cut into slabs by water-cooled gang saws. Each slab is then perfected with its required surface finish and cut into various thicknesses and sizes. That’s it just pure, natural stone that offers timeless, authentic beauty.

Each natural stone has its own unique and complex geological structure which results in variation in each piece. This means our natural stone pavers and tiles have character and individuality, unlike manufactured tiles. Because of this, we work closely with our suppliers to select and display stone in such a way that shows these natural variations. Although we try to limit intense variation, it would be wise to expect some differences when purchasing natural stones. But remember that these variations are what gives the natural stone its beauty. A quick visit to our display centre is the only way to truly appreciate the full subtlety and characteristics of our natural stone.