Cleaning Sandstone Pavers or Tiles.

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Cleaning Sandstone PaversCleaning sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles is a important aspect of ensuring they continue to look great as they were when first installed. Sandstone varies greatly in porosity and hardness but mainly is soft and porous. Care has to be taken when cleaning sandstone pavers or tiles as they can absorb large quantities of water. Because of this it is preferable to seal sandstone.

Cleaning pavers or tiles regularly should be completed as follows

  1. Vacuum or wipe the surface to remove any loose dust or grit from the surface.
  2. Cleaning sandstone pavers should then done using a mop or cloth that has been dampened with warm water. There is no need to use any chemical cleaner when cleaning sandstone tiles. This general cleaning is all that is required.
  3. While cleaning sandstone pavers or tiles and you notice some marks or stains spot clean the area using a neutral pH chemical cleaner. Make sure you rinse the area with clean water.
  4. After cleaning sandstone pavers or tiles with water you should dry them using a towel. Avoid allowing them to dry naturally.

If the sandstone pavers or tiles haven’t been cleaned for a while or they are exceptionally griming the cleaning sandstone tiles regime may have to be more rigorous.

Cleaning sandstone pavers or tiles heavily should only be undertaken on a sealed sandstone surface. If the tiles are not sealed, the heavy sandstone tile cleaning process can soak up too much water into the surface and cause them to discolour.

The cleaning pavers or tiles regime should be as follows:

  1. First vacuum or sweep the sandstone pavers to remove and loose grit lying on the surface.
  2. Cleaning sandstone tiles should be done bit by bit (no more than 3 square metres at a time). Use a light solution of sandstone tile cleaner. Your local tile supplier can advise you what is suitable. Use a soft brush or broom for cleaning sandstone as this will enable you to work the solution into the sandstone pores and grout.Continue to work in small areas until the entire area has been covered.
  3. Let the solution stand for several minutes to allow it to lift the dirt. Work the surface once again.
  4. Using old dry towels remove the solution and dirt.
  5. Swill the surface with clean water.
  6. Using clean dry towels or mop soak up the water. Once again do not allow just to dry naturally. If you have a wet vacuum cleaner use this to lift any water that may remain.

The general cleaning sandstone pavers or sandstone tiles regime should then be completed at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of excess grime.
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