Introduce Style with Bluestone!

Why always go with the regular greys and whites to style your house. Explore the variety of colours and textures available and give a unique look to your house spaces. Bluestone is a unique option. It is a fine grained sandstone known for its grey-blue colour. But the distinguishing feature about the stone is that […]

Three Reasons why Floor Tiles Should be your First Choice for your Melbourne and Geelong Homes

Whether you are in the process of rebuilding, renovating or are just looking to make a dramatic, lasting change in your Melbourne home, it is time to consider installing floor tiles. Floor tiles should no longer be reserved for just your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The infinite design, colour, texture and shape options that are […]

Decorate your house spaces with Travertine!

With the increasing sunny season, its time to make your house cool and bright. Whether it’s the BBQ evenings or family dinners, a perfect setting creates a perfect memory. Such an engaging space can be created with natural stones and surfaces. It sets the foundation for the interiors of the place. Travertine is an amazing […]

Why you Should Install Marble Tiles in your Bathroom

Marble tiles are an ever-elegant addition to any home, especially in the bathroom. Your bathroom should be a hub of relaxation, boast elements of cleanliness and be timeless in its design. The styling of your bathroom does not solely rely on the towels you have hung or the cup holder your toothbrush lives in. The […]

Add a Sophisticated Touch with our Travertine Pavers to your Melbourne Home

With the onset of warm Melbourne weather, comes the growing desire to brighten your home and create the living space your winter-self was too cold to achieve. Your home should be as welcoming as the first touch of October sun.   Affordable and convenient, retiling your home is a quick and sophisticated way to make […]

Frequently asked questions about Travertine Pavers in Melbourne

Travertine tiles and pavers are popular choices in Melbourne and Geelong homes because they boast beautiful warm tones whilst being known for their strength. Our Travertine tiles and pavers come in an array of colours to fit just about any colour scheme. Because of their popularity we have decided to answer some of Melbourne’s most […]