Eff-Ex® Efflorescence Remover is a unique product that is highly effective at removing and inhibiting efflorescence. Eff­-Ex® is a non ­acidic (pH 7.4), efflorescence remover and inhibiting cleaning product. Much safer than using harsh damaging acids.

Key Features

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Inhibits the reoccurrence of efflorescence
  • Breakthrough Ex-2 Technology
  • Best used in the early stages of efflorescence formation
  • Removes and inhibits efflorescence
  • Non-acidic formula
  • Removes efflorescence without damaging cement-based grouts or pavers

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Intended Use

Pool Outdoor Flooring Splashback Pool Coping Stair Treads Indoor Flooring Driveways Alfresco Area Bathroom Kitchen Outdoor Shower

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Aqua Mix Eff-Ex Efflorescence Remover

Aqua Mix Eff-Ex Efflorescence Remover


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