Introducing the Myra Beige Limestone Plinth, a remarkable piece that exudes the natural beauty and timeless charm of limestone. Crafted from high-quality limestone, this plinth showcases a captivating cream colour with subtle variations and intriguing fossils scattered throughout its surface, creating a stunning display of organic artistry.

Natural Stone Plinth, a versatile and captivating decor element that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any indoor space. Crafted from premium natural stone, these plinths serve as functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of bedrooms, living rooms, and various other areas.

Each plinth is meticulously crafted from a range of exquisite natural stones, such as marble, limestone, or travertine, ensuring a luxurious and durable centerpiece. The inherent variations in the natural stone provide a unique texture and pattern, making each plinth a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Please note this is ex-display stock and may have scratches or chips. We are unable to deliver this product, it would need to be collected from our showroom locations in Melbourne.

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Myra Beige Fluted Plinth

Myra Beige Fluted Plinth


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