SYNERGY is a world class combination consolidator and penetrating sealer specially formulated for superior stain and salt protection around swimming pools. SYNERGY is suitable for internal, external, domestic and commercial surfaces and will prevent permanent staining from most common spills.

Environex offer a range of penetrating and consolidating sealers to protect and harden various surfaces and stone types. Our sealers are ISO 9001 certified, simple to use, are proudly made in Australia and come with a 15 Year Stain Resistance Warranty. Environex have developed a simple consolidating sealer selector to find the right sealer for your application to give your stone type the finish and desired appearance you require.

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Environex Synergy Penetrating Sealer

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Environex Synergy Combination Consolidator & Sealer

Environex Synergy Combination Consolidator & Sealer


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