3 of Melbourne’s Finest Inner South Homes Adorned with Natural Stone

Discover the essence of luxury living as we explore 3 exquisite  Melbourne homes in the prestigious suburbs of Toorak and Caulfield. Each house has been masterfully adorned with natural stone features that complement the space’s design and architecture.

 These residences not only showcase the timeless beauty and versatility of natural stone but also shine a spotlight on sophisticated design and craftsmanship. Through elegant interiors, they highlight how the finest materials can transform living spaces into works of art. 

Delve into these impressive properties and see first-hand the remarkable impact of natural stone in high-end architecture.


Toorak Residence

The Toorak Residence is a terrific example of attractive design. In the front outdoor space, Bluestone Premium forms the walkway and driveway spaces. This premium stone is denser in composition, making it an excellent option for high-traffic areas. The stone paths lead up to a Victorian-style façade adorned with a unique brick pattern that captivates.

Inside the home, Sinai Brushed Limestone flooring flows seamlessly throughout, imparting a warm, inviting ambience. The limestone’s soft tones coordinate with warm cabinetry and offer a vivid contrast to the marble countertops. Its finish delightfully reflects light, bathing the home in a lavish glow.

Sinai Pearl Brushed

“Our Sinai Pearl Limestone stands out with its stunning warm beige-pink tones and light grey fleck variation which adds character to this beautiful Limestone.”

Tundra Grey

Howitt Rd, Caulfield

Howitt Road Caulfield is a spectacular showcase of limestone and marble inclusions. This marvellous home was developed in partnership with Do Architects.

The grand entryway features Tundra Grey Limestone as the focal point. It is recognised by its distinctive dark veining and freckled inclusions that add intrigue to the stone. This tile in an entryway space sets the tone for chic, artfully considered design.

The Limestone display extends seamlessly into the outdoor area. Here, Tundra Ocean Limestone's subtle blue-grey tones complement the soft-hued furnishings, creating an alluring space to relax and spend time.

The home's luxury is epitomised in the all-marble bathroom, meticulously crafted from Bianca Carrara Marble. From the bathtub to the walls and flooring, this bright and airy display is both simplistic and impactful. Highlighting the superb craftsmanship and design.

In the kitchen, Storm Grey Limestone contrasts sharply against the bold countertop. The strong veining in the tiles complements the slab countertops and creates a layer of cohesion in the space.

Balmerino Ave, Toorak

Balmerino Avenue, Toorak, is a thoughtfully curated display of natural stone created in collaboration with Tina Lindner and Belcon. The home features London Grey Limestone flooring in both honed and brushed finishes, creating a stylish, modern canvas for design. The mid-grey hues of the stone offer a sleek feel and allow the neutral design palette to shine while seamlessly transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The luxurious bathroom's London Grey Limestone floors contrast beautifully with Tundra Grey Brushed Limestone walls. This variance brings out the characteristic flecks and veins in the Tundra Grey, adding movement and visual interest to the space. The lighter Tundra Grey walls provide a spectacular setting to the darker London Grey floors, enhancing the aesthetic and creating a refined bathroom space.

The wine cellar showcases Impala Black Cobblestones, a practical and elegant choice. These charcoal cobblestones, with their attractive black speckling, are slip-resistant, making them ideal for the wine storage area. This thoughtful design enriches the cellar's appeal while lending an air of sophistication perfect for the luxury and functionality of the space.

London Grey Brushed

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