A Moody Ambiance

Creating a moody ambience can transform any room into an inviting and sultry haven. Dark tones have the ability to soothe and captivate while adding a sense of depth and intrigue that will leave a lasting impression. 

Build your moody ambience from the foundations with a selection of stones as the canvas for your vision. Each stone provides its unique character and sets the stage for the moody ambience you want to create.

Make your moody ambience come to life with Moon Lake Terrazzo for the base of your design. This terrazzo is an assembled blend of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other aggregates bound together. 

Consider this terrazzo as a flooring option. It adds visual texture and character to any space and is the ideal foundation to complement a dark design.  

Paired with soft lighting that reflects on the glossy finish, rich-coloured walls, and textured furniture in complementary hues, and you have a stunning interior that suits this aesthetic. Plus, a cosy ambience that you’ll want to show off.

Moon Lake

“These pavers offer unparalleled design flexibility, seamlessly integrating with diverse architectural styles and design concepts.”

Emerald Green Marble Slabs

Moody doesn't mean dull or drab. Incorporate rich colours into your design to create character and depth. There's something elegant and charismatic about designing with dark colours. Not only can this aesthetic let old-world charm shine with heirloom furnishings, but it's versatile, so a modern twist can equally suit. 

Accent stones like marble fit beautifully in a sulky interior. However, rather than lighter marble, consider darker tones instead. One stone well suited to a moody ambience is Dark Green Marble. 

This exquisite green marble takes the focal point for a bold statement. It's gorgeous, distinctive veining runs throughout the stone, creating distinct patterns and drama that elevate any space.

Additionally, incorporating lush greenery or botanical motifs can create a flowing connection with the dark green marble, bringing a natural element that softens the dramatic effect.

Designing with dark colours is a fearless choice. It's bold and, when executed well, can result in an impressive, suave interior. Moody doesn't equate to glum; it's soothing and romantic, a space in which you want to unwind and relax. 

This aesthetic goes beyond a colour palette; it's an entire mood. And nothing says moody more than Travertine Charcoal Cross-Cut Porcelain. A rustic approach to the design, its charcoal colouring not only suits the palette but adds depth. 

The cloudy patterns and smooth texture of these pavers create visual interest and intrigue without pulling focus. Not to mention their durability makes them practical for high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity without compromising on style. 

Incorporating these tiles into your design scheme allows you to play with contrasts and textures, further enhancing the depth and intricacy of the space.

“The natural soft texture and neutral colour pallet of this series create an inviting and timeless aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to your space.”

Travertine Charcoal Cross Cut

Evoke a sense of intriguing mystery and dramatic allure

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