Bring the European Summer to your Outdoor Area

Whether you’ve just come home from a trip or daydream of a European summer vacation, you can bring the charm and feel of Europe to your outdoor area. Imagine relaxing on a Tuscan-inspired patio, dining al fresco in a Greek island-inspired oasis, or lounging in the sun by a Mediterranean-style pool. 

Transform your outdoor space with a few thoughtful design choices into a picture-perfect European retreat. Build an oasis that captures the warmth, style and essence of your Euro summer dreams.

The colour pallet of your outdoor haven will come to life depending on your preferred destinations. Many regions are known for their signature yellow-hued stones and warm-toned painted buildings. Picture charming limestone courtyards in Provence where the amber stones catch the afternoon sun. Or float down the waterways of Venice in a gondola past the peach and lemon-coloured homes. 

Channel these picturesque locations through the use of vibrant hues and warm-coloured stones. One stone that can perfectly lay the foundations for a European summer outdoor space is Santos Crazy Paving. The colour variations on this stone are beautiful and emulate the style and colour palette of these popular getaway destinations. 

In addition, the tiles’ crazy paving style is reminiscent of the streets in some European regions. Consider using this stone to create a gorgeous patio area, pathways through the garden, or an outdoor kitchen.

Santos Crazy Paving

“Santos Quartz is known for its beautiful variations in beige, orange, silver and cream tones which add a unique and vibrant aesthetic to any outdoor space”

Dark Bluestone Cobblestones

Natural stone is a terrific way to make a significant impact on a space with minimal changes. Transform your outdoor entertainment area with stone that emulates your ideal getaway destination.  

Capture the heart of the city, starting with the perfect choice of flooring. A classic characteristic of many European regions is the cobblestone streets. Embrace this timeless style with cobblestone pavers for your courtyard or walkways. 

An excellent stone choice is our Dark Bluestone Cobblestones. This wonderful stone features lovely blue-grey colours and a sawn finish. The varied textures and dark hues of the stone evoke the old-world appeal of Europe and can transform your outdoor area into a spectacular space to unwind. 

The Bluestone Cobblestone can transport you to the romantic side streets of Paris, where you can sip coffee and watch the world go by, or to the renowned lanes of Lisbon, with its colourful architecture and rich history.

Consider a natural stone inclusion as a simple way to create an impressive outdoor space. From an outdoor shower to a boundary wall, natural stone can set the tone for your outdoor living area.

When you think of a European summer design, old textured stone buildings and streets spring to mind. A lovely stone that embodies that feel is Classic Travertine. Its warm, creamy hues and distinctive texture flawlessly replicate the allure of a Mediterranean villa. 

"This light creamy colour exudes a sense of elegance and versatility, making it suitable for a variety of design styles and colour pallets."

Classic Travertine can add a European touch, transforming your outdoor area into a serene escape, whether used for flooring, walls, or as a decorative feature. It's also a great selection for outdoor spaces as it's durable and has low heat absorption.

Bring the European summer home with you.

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