Character Over Cookie-Cutter

Gone are the all-white or all-grey design trends seen in many homes. Now, we are steadily seeing that character triumph over cookie-cutter design.  

While mass-produced designs offer convenience, they often lack the unique charm and personality that make a space feel like home. A timeless design style that transcends trends exists by creating spaces that authentically reflect individuality and personal style. 

Character can be introduced into your home’s indoor and outdoor design. One stone that radiates charisma is Craftline Marble. It is defined by its attractive split-face finish, which draws attention.

This rich, creamy stone has subtle natural variations in colour and grain, adding personality, depth, and visual intrigue to your space. Create an eye-catching design with a unique textured stone that captures attention.


“The combination of the creamy marble colour and the textured split face finish creates a visually captivating display of layered depth and dimension.”

Milano Cross Cut Unfilled

Embracing character means incorporating elements that reflect your story, interests, and tastes—whether that's through vintage finds, custom-made pieces, or eclectic art collections. And also through paint choices, wall embellishments, and features like natural stone. 

Celebrated Belgian Architect Vincent Van Duysen gets to know the ins and outs of his clients in order to expertly craft the design of their homes. He believes in learning their soul to understand what his clients want and need in their homes. 

"A home is where someone feels protected and comfortable. It has to be calming and sensorial, where you can disconnect from the real world.[...] It's about finding harmony within a certain hierarchy of rooms. You need places where your books, belongings, pets, and loved ones feel comfortable together." - Vincent Van Duysen.

This approach to design not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also nurtures a deeper emotional connection to the space and inspires a sense of belonging.

Experience tranquillity with Milano Cross Cut Travertine in your home. This stone offers a unique foundation with stunning colour variations from light and buttery to beige and a smooth, unfilled finish. The rippling patterns across the stone, made by the cross-cut technique, create a captivating visual appeal, inviting you to explore its beauty.

Milano Travertine is an exquisite natural stone with character that creates intrigue as well as complements the design of the space it's included in.

Adding character to a home isn’t about adding clutter. It’s embracing personality and celebrating the unique qualities of those living in the space. Incorporating pattern, texture, statement, and function in a harmonious blend of design transforms the ambience of your space into an extension of your essence.  

Including a striking feature stone in your design can showcase a vivacious nature or create a dramatic flair that complements your passion. Ultimately, prioritising character over cookie-cutter results in a home that is as unique and diverse as those who live in it.

The Forest Green Marble, a bold and unique stone, offers a spectacular way to express your personality through a natural stone feature. Its mesmerising green hues evoke the depths of an enchanting forest landscape. 

This eye-catching marble piece details the signature veining that marble is renowned for with a unique twist. Throughout the stone, streaks of brown and touches of yellow veining and colour variations are present, a remarkable effect that adds to the drama of this vivid marble.

Forest Green

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