Discover the perfect fusion of nature’s beauty and impeccable craftsmanship at this stunning property in Toorak. Step into an outdoor space that has been elevated to a whole new level of design with its seamless blend of natural stone and carefully planned landscaping. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, resulting in a mesmerising landscape that showcases a variety of textures, colours, and organic elements.

London Grey Brushed & Tumbled was used throughout the stunning property to help create a consistent and seamless look. This beautiful limestone paver is the perfect grey that is requested almost every day by customers, architects, and interior designers.

The soft and natural appeal of the London Grey Limestone Brushed & Tumbled Pool Coping, along with the captivating designs of the Pool Mosaics create a light and airy ambiance that effortlessly enhances your outdoor space. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, this combination ensures a sophisticated retreat that is both visually striking and safe.

Craftline Marble Natural Split Stone Wall Cladding was used to create this feature wall. The rugged texture created by the split stone finish adds depth and character, creating an eye-catching visual element that commands attention. The natural colour variations and exquisite veining patterns of the marble further enhance its allure, infusing your feature wall with a touch of opulence and charm.