Find the Perfect Stone Matches to the 2024 Dulux Colour Palettes


The Solstice palette is a harmonious blend of Scandinavian minimalism with the comforting warmth of the gorgeous Mediterranean and divine African desert tones. Together, this palette encapsulates the essence of calm and tranquillity with its scope of warm and neutral colours.  

The palette includes warm browns ranging from dark to lighter, with pink undertones that invoke stability and produce a cosy atmosphere. There are comforting neutral tones, like soft beige and dreamy whites, that are versatile for interior design but also create a feeling of serenity. Soft yellows add a glimmer of sunshine and a brighter touch of warmth. And blues reminiscent of clear skies and tranquil seas. 

Altogether, this serene palette promotes an inviting home atmosphere to relax and recharge. 

Ground your design further with a beautifully paired natural stone. This palette would match well with Taha Terracotta Baton and its soft orange tones that add charm, the complementing creamy beige of Alabastrino Bianco Vein Cut Porcelain Matt, or the sandy tones of the Nice Limestone that enhance this organic palette.

Alabastrino Bianco Vein Cut

“Taha Terracotta Baton is a remarkable choice for those seeking to infuse their spaces with a touch of natural beauty and distinctive character.”

Surf Green


If you don’t shy away from bold, Journey is for you. The Journey palette is a vibrant, eclectic collection of colours that celebrates creativity. It is ideal for the maximalist who wants to showcase their space as a bold work of art and make a statement with their interior design. Pair this palette with bold patterns and funky furniture for the full dramatic effect. 

The palette features lush, cooler tones that add depth to the palette. They create a feeling of sophistication while remaining playful. There are creamy beiges for balance, a bold mustard yellow to add a pop of colour, and muted greens and blues that inspire calm and nature. 

The palette continues with delicate pinks for a hint of softness and romance to balance the other dramatic hues. Then, there are more vivid tones like rich reds and deep burgundy to add luxury,  drama and intrigue.   

The palette lets your creativity run wild and create a unique space that reflects your distinctive design style. Design a bohemian-inspired oasis or a striking work of self-expression.  

Journey-inspired stones that would seamlessly flow with this palette are Surf Green Slate with its soft green hues, the lovely pastel pink Palm Springs  Limestone, which has beautiful subtle veining, or the neutral Crema Novelda Sandblasted Limestone to level out the rich colours.


The Muse palette embodies postmodern expression and contemporary design, resulting in a blend that reflects modern design while paying homage to influences from the 60s to the 80s, particularly the textures and glamour of the '70s.

Muse includes warm, earthy browns that ground the palette and provide an air of cosiness. Rich yellows and sunset reds add energy and vibrancy and draw from the iconic 70's and 80's styles. Pastel to deep emerald greens for a lavish touch. A stormy lilac hue for a moody element. Finally, mid to deep, vibrant blue shades that balance the warmth of the other colours and add versatility. 

Embrace the spirit of modern design while adding hints of nostalgic decades like the 70s that are back on trend. Include bold decor, velvet upholstery and chrome detailing. The Muse palette creates an animated, relaxed atmosphere for stylish retro aesthetics. 

Match the Muse palette with the bold Alaska Terrazzo to add visual interest and complement the blues, create stability in your design with the neutral tones of Soho Silver Porcelain, or enhance the browns and warm tones with Oxley Earth Porcelain, a gorgeous brown-taupe material.

Design With Your Dulux Colour Pallette In Mind.

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