Our Top 3 2024 Design Trends

Biophilic Design

With homes embracing a greener aesthetic, we expect to see a rise in Biophilic Design in 2024. Reconnect with nature by bringing the outdoors inside your home. 

This aesthetic blends elements of nature with thoughtful design and incorporates them into built spaces. This could be as simple as natural light, indoor plants or, of course, through a natural stone feature. 

“The successful application of biophilic design should also result in a wide spectrum of physical, mental and behavioural benefits.” – Stephen Keller.

Transform your living space into a zen oasis with nature as your muse.  

Incorporate soothing neutral tones reminiscent of warm sandy beaches, soft earthy hues and dreamy cloud-like whites. 

Emulate natural landscapes into your interior design and embrace the tranquillity of nature with natural textures, materials and fluid lines.

Tuscan Travertine, unfilled and honed, is a creamy neutral stone. It features delicate swirls, gorgeous banding and veining, making it a delightful addition to any room. Its warmth and unique natural texture make it the perfect base for Biophilic Design.

“Tuscan Travertine’s light and creamy colour, combined with its unfilled and honed finish, creates a harmonious and soothing aesthetic.”

Storm Black Slab

Statement Stoneware

Natural stone is a design element that has stood the test of time, with statement stones like classic white and grey marble featuring in elegant homes even today. Delving deeper into this trend, In 2024, we expect to see statement stoneware as a trending design element in homes.

This trend combines maximalism with the beauty of natural stone materials. Add flair and glamour to your home with statement stoneware features like a natural stone wall, a cosy stone fireplace or a stunning kitchen bench.

The statement stoneware trend encourages bold stone choices with gorgeous organic colours, mineral inclusions and veins being sought out to take the focal point.

A terrific statement stone for a natural stone feature is Storm Black Marble Slab. Its magnificent colour and the striking beauty of the veins that run through the stone are ideal for this trend. Create a stand-out space with a luxurious statement piece that will wow. 

Colour Confidence

Colour is back and better than ever. Step away from minimalist shades and shake things up with colour. This bold trend transforms your home into a canvas to experiment with touches of colour throughout. 

Colour Confidence can be as minimalist or maximalist as you like. So you can liven up your space with your favourite tones that spark joy and leave it at that, or keep going with bold, vibrant stone colours.

Labradorite Royal Blue Porcelain and Amazonite Seagreen Porcelain are two very unique and fierce colour palettes that show off your colour confidence. With a mixture of veining and speckles throughout the slabs, these are showstopping pieces that add character and charm to any space.   

Amazonite Seagreen Porcelain
Sinai Pearl Brushed

Or you can dip your toes into this aesthetic by trying colourful paint on your walls. Paint rich and lively tones that add charm and character or calm and gentle ones to develop the ambience. 

Balance your design superbly with a neutral stone floor or stone feature that expertly complements your colour pallet and ties everything together. 

Sinai Pearl Brushed Limestone is a terrific option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its neutral features make it the ideal stone to ground a colourful wall or ceiling. 

The limestone's warm undertones and unique grey flecks give it personality without stealing focus. This is a timeless stone that will hold through the trends.

Thoughtfully design your home with natural stone.

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