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RMS Traders are Proud to supply Stone Sealers from Environex International

Once you have laid your beautiful stone floor or feature wall cladding it is important that you seal the surfaces with an appropriate stone tile sealer. Sealing the stone tiles prevents dirt or liquids from penetrating the stone as well as making them easier to keep clean. So what type of sealer should you use? This depends on the finish you want. Natural Stone Tiles provide a selection of tile sealers made by the Australian company “Environex”. A description of each type of stone sealer is explained below.


$120.00 - $895.00

Tile Accessories

Sealer Spray Bottle


Stone Sealers

Pinnacle TSL Sealer

$140.00 - $995.00

Stone Sealers

Tuscan TSL Sealer

$120.00 - $895.00

Stone Sealers

Hi-lite Sealer

$80.00 - $680.00



“SYNERGY” is a penetrating liquid that hardens and binds the surface of porous and friable surfaces, limestone in particular. It can also be used on less porous surfaces such as tile, brick, natural stone and grout. The treated surfaces will be easier to clean and maintain. Other sealers in the Environex range can be used over the top of SYNERGY.
Note: This product is not suitable for Bluestone.


TUSCAN SEAL is a solvent-based, super-concentrated, penetrating sealer designed for use on porous materials such as terracotta and sandstone as well as granite, marble, clay and concrete pavers, limestone, polished stone and porcelain tiles. It will leave the surface with a natural, unaltered appearance and is ideal where a long-lasting, low maintenance finish is required.

TUSCAN SEAL will provide a barrier to staining from commonly encountered materials such as coffee, cooking oils, margarine, wine and general foot traffic. The durability of the product makes it suitable for use in interior and exterior environments and it may be buffed if a higher gloss appearance is desired.


“ENDURE” tile sealer is a “one part” spirit/solvent-based acrylic sealer for use in the sealing of all types of slate, sandstone and concrete or clay pavers for protection against the penetration of common stains, such as vegetable oils, grease, etc. It allows for easier cleaning as well as adding depth and sharpness to the colours of concrete or clay pavers by imparting a glossy “wet look” finish. Any scratching can be removed by re-coating the sealed surface.

“ENDURE” is suitable for both internal and external use.


“HI-LITE” SEAL is a solvent-based sealant that can provide darkening of the surface without leaving a gloss. It may cause some surfaces to become slippery, so if applying around pools, a test is recommended. Hi-Lite is best suited to tiles or pavers where a darker look is desired.


“PINNACLE” is an extremely heavy-duty penetrating invisible sealer for use on a wide variety of sandstone, limestone, and other types of porous masonry surfaces.

“PINNACLE” is suitable for both interior and exterior use. PINNACLE is specially formulated to provide the maximum degree of stain resistance against the majority of compounds which will stain a floor (including coffee, vegetable oil, margarine, butter, red wine, etc.) whilst maintaining the natural appearance of the stone.

“PINNACLE” will not affect the finish or slipperiness of the surface that has been sealed. PINNACLE may slightly darken some surfaces and a small test area is recommended. PINNACLE comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY when applied in accordance with instructions. Proof of purchase required. Terms and conditions apply.

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