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Slip Rating

P1 - Very high
P2 - High
P3 - Moderate
P4 - Low
P5 - Very low

Slip Rating

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Intended Use

Facade Indoor Flooring Kitchen Benchtop Bathroom Kitchen Fireplace


Slip resistant

Low heat absorption

Low maintenance

Project sizes available

High density

Marble Specification

Stone Cleaning Specs

Installation Guide

600 x 300 x 20mm

600 x 600 x 20mm

800 x 400 x 20mm

1220 x 610 x 12mm

Light Grey

Product Description

Introducing the captivating Super White Marble, a natural stone that has swiftly risen to prominence as the most coveted gem of the year. With its bold and striking presence, Super White Marble stands as a mesmerizing contrast in the world of stone. The graceful interplay of grey tones in its staggered veining creates an aura of elegance that enchants every design it graces.

Super White Marble serves as an endless source of inspiration, fueling the creation of the most luxurious and sophisticated designs of the year. Its alluring beauty transcends trends and time, becoming a defining feature in spaces that strive for opulence and refinement. Whether used as flooring, countertops, or accent walls, Super White Marble imbues every surface with an air of grandeur and elegance that leaves a lasting impression.

Natural stone Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms from the transformation of limestone under intense heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. It is known for its distinctive veining patterns and a wide range of colours, ranging from white and grey to more vibrant hues like green, pink, and black.

Marble is often used for various applications, including flooring, walls, columns, and countertops. Its natural beauty and range of colors allow for the creation of visually striking and luxurious spaces. Marble has been used for centuries as a building material and decorative element due to its elegance, durability, and versatility.

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Super White

Super White

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