Buy Melbourne’s Best Bluestone Pavers At Affordable Prices

Bluestone pavers are great tiles as they are attractive, long-lasting and great for multiple different areas like patios, pools, stone steps etc.

We have bluestone pavers of different sizes, shapes and hues available for our customers in Geelong and across Melbourne. The type of stone you end up using in your project will ultimately depend on what type of style, design and aesthetic you’re aiming for.

If you have any questions about prices or design ideas feel free to get in touch with our team. As one of the leading suppliers of bluestone pavers in Melbourne and Geelong, we want to ensure our customers find the perfect product for their project.

Melbourne Home Makeover With Bluestone Pavers For Sale

Bluestone is a great investment as it can last many years. For a natural stone, bluestone is incredibly strong. It is considered to be of high density and can withstand the harsh summer and cold winters, even the extreme temperature fluctuations that Melbourne is so well-known for. Bluestone is also a natural material and will add some excellent earthy tones and elements to your landscape. Given its organic composite and affordable prices, it is also known for adding a touch of richness to the environment with its deep alluring colours ranging from blue to grey and purple.

If you have a pool, consider buying bluestone for use around your pool area. It has a naturally anti-slip texture and looks great in the outdoors even when wet, making it the perfect outdoor paver for when kids are having too much fun. Whether you want to buy some lovely bluestones tiles for your pool area in Geelong or a neutral looking patio for your Melbourne, RMS Traders, Australia’s leading bluestone supplier has them for sale!

Significance Of Bluestone In Melbourne

Once aplenty in the suburbs of Victoria, bluestone was the choice building material of the majority of projects being built in Melbourne. Many historically significant buildings in Melbourne were built using this distinctive basalt, a natural stone material formed by volcanic activity. Today, many of the original streets and laneways are still covered in bluestone, sourced locally from our very own Victorian and overseas quarries. Incorporate a piece of historic and culturally meaningful stone into your own Melbourne and Geelong homes with quality bluestone for sale at RMS Traders. We are the trusted suppliers for natural stones at affordable prices and will help ensure the stone pavers you buy are consistent in aesthetic and finish.

We Are Your Bluestone Pavers Suppliers In Geelong & Melbourne

If you’re looking for quality bluestone pavers for sale at affordable prices for your next project — look no further. RMS can supply you with the stones you need to help complete your home renovation project. We are also proud suppliers of limestone , granite and crazy stone paving.

Browse our website or get in touch with us by calling 03 9748 7788. You can also visit one of two impressive showrooms in Melbourne or Geelong respectively for some design ideas! We look forward to working with you.

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