Marble & Marble Mosaic Tiles For Sale In Melbourne

Limestone and marble are chemically the same rock. They are made up of Calcium Carbonate. The difference is in how they are formed. Limestone is a sedimentary rock and Marble is Metamorphic. Sedimentary rocks are made of {you guessed it) sediments that accumulate at the bottom of a body of water and over time are buried and solidify to become rocks.

Imagine now that over millions of years that rock gets buried deeper until the temperature and pressure become high enough to break the bonds of the minerals in the rock. The rock deforms and recrystallizes into a new rock. The rock may be uplifted by tectonic movement and exposed by erosion, and viola we have marble.

Designer Stone Range

Tundra Grey Ocean Sandblasted


Designer Stone Range

Tundra Grey Honed Tiles (Dark)


Designer Stone Range

Tundra Grey Light Honed Tiles


Designer Stone Range

Tundra Grey Sandblasted


Designer Stone Range

Bianco Carrara distressed Marble


Designer Stone Range

Bianco Carrara Honed Marble Tiles


Architectual Design Stone

Royal Grey Sandblasted Tiles


Designer Stone Range

Pietra Nautica Honed Tiles


Designer Stone Range

Tundra Grey Brushed


How To Use Marble Mosaic Tiles?

There are many ways to feature marble mosaics in your build project. One of the most common ways is to use them on bathroom walls. Regardless of the mosaic pattern you choose, they will make for an eye-catching feature, giving your bathroom character in an otherwise forgotten but crucial part of your project.

Another great area to use marble mosaic tiles is in small but significant areas of the kitchen. Anywhere from the countertop backsplash to sink areas and pantry flooring, adding marble mosaic to these places allow your kitchen furnishing to pop.

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