Melbourne’s Affordable Travertine Pavers and Outdoor Tiles For Sale

Extremely popular, durable and stylish, Travertine is very distinctive and gives a unique look every time. Travertine tiles come in two kinds of cut; vein cut or cross cut and you can fill the tiles to get a smoother surface to the stone. 

Travertine pavers are durable, soft on the feet and can withstand any weather conditions with ease when sealed correctly. Travertine pavers retain cool temperatures well and can even help you save on cooling. 

Perfect for indoors and outdoors, travertine pavers are one of our best sellers for a reason. RMS Traders stock nothing but the highest quality, ethically sourced natural stone tiles. For more information or installation advice reach out to us online, over the phone or via email or by visiting us at our Hoppers Crossing or Geelong Showrooms.

Why Buy Outdoor Travertine Tiles & Pavers Online

Travertine is perfect for use in Melbourne despite being known for unpredictable weather. They retain warm temperatures well and will not heat up too quickly even under the hot summer sun. This mean you get to save on cooling and heating throughout the year no matter the seasons. It is precisely for this reason that travertine for sale are often used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Travertine pavers are durable, soft on the feet and can withstand any weather conditions with ease when sealed correctly. For a natural stone, Travertine has a high hardness rating and can last for many years if given the appropriate care and maintenance.

Besides its durability, travertine also has a wide appeal with its classic natural look and muted tones. Their distinct appearance works well in both modern and rustic environments, giving the whole area a warm and inviting personality. The unique markings on travertine provide a natural organic pattern without looking old or dated, a feature that is unnoticeable when seen from afar but intriguing when seen up close.

Buy travertine tiles and pavers for sale online with us to secure your stock and get them shipped to your Melbourne location as early as possible.

Are Outdoor Travertine Tiles & Pavers Suitable In Melbourne?

Travertine’s suitability for various settings means you find travertine used not just for flooring in Melbourne, but also for wall facades, countertops and even in sinks. This means we can easily match your exterior with interior walls and sinks without much trouble at all. Buy your travertine online with us to a consistent batch for the perfect match of travertine throughout your new home build.

Lining the pool deck with travertine or using it as pool coping are popular options for many home owners. They also make a statement when used on driveways and walkways, making homes look more attractive than if concrete is used.

Quality Travertine Tiles & Pavers For Sale At RMS Traders

When looking for natural stones to use in and outside new homes, you will not be disappointed with the travertine for sale at RMS Traders . Buy them online today or contact our Melbourne (Hoppers Crossing) or Geelong showrooms to learn more about natural stones such as granite, bluestone, limestone and marble.

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