Long-lasting Limestone Tiles & Pavers for Melbourne Homeowners

Thinking of giving your home a makeover? Natural Stone tiles has a lovely selection of limestone tiles and limestone pavers for homeowners across Melbourne. Add to the aesthetic of your home when you invest in these high-quality durable stone tiles.

With over 35 years of experience in the tiling industry, you can trust us to help you find the perfect fit for your dream design. Whether you’re looking to finally install that lovely poolside in your backyard or revamp your kitchen space so you can cook those exquisite meals — we have the materials to help you make that a reality.

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Buy Limestone Pavers to Add a Natural Look to Your Home

Limestones pavers are a great addition to your home design and architecture. It creates natural, elegant atmosphere in any room or space. Here are six benefits limestone tiles and pavers:

  • this stone is very durable and do not wear easily, making them a great option for flooring
  • as limestones are a natural product, no matter what colour you choose they give off an earthy, timeless look
  • limestones are a cost-effective material, but still manages to gives off an air of sophistication
  • limestones are also resistant to bacteria and mold, and are easier to clean and maintain

These are some of the many benefits of buying limestones for your flooring or walls. As a leading supplier of limestone floor tiles in Melbourne, RMS Traders offer our customers quality products for sale at affordable prices.

Limestone is Simple to Maintain

Like many natural stone materials, limestone tiles and pavers are porous and need to be sealed before use. That said, it has a relatively smoother surface compared to other natural stones and do not have pockmarks. These features makes limestone an attractive material for use in new homes and build projects because they require minimal maintenance. Simply sweep and wipe to remove surface dirt will suffice in keeping the natural stone looking attractive. Over the years, it will be wise to consider giving your limestone surface another round of resealing so keep maintenance low for the next couple of years.

Given its strength, limestone is ideal even for high foot-traffic areas of your home. There is minimal chances of cracking or chipping no matter if used indoors or outdoors. This means you can have your home interior matching with your outdoor living area buying the same quality limestone material. We can help you source limestone tiles as well as pavers to ensure consistency in preferred shade for the perfect fit. Just speak to one of our friendly staff to learn about the limestone tiles and pavers we have for sale.

Limestone Tiles & Pavers For Sale in Melbourne  

Whether you’re looking to buy limestone pavers, bluestone pavers, crazy stone paving or granite stones, we can help you out. With two showrooms in Melbourne and Geelong respectively, we can help you find inspiration in choosing the right material for your projects. 

Browse our website for more natural stone materials for sale or, get in touch with our team by calling 03 9748 7788.

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